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Otjitambi is situated in the northwest of Namibia, at the southern boarder of Kaokoland. With a size of 11,650 ha and an annual rainfall of 300 mm, it hosts a variety of antelope, different species of birds and carnivores like leopard.

Guest Farm Otjitambi

In 1903 the ranch was purchased by my grandfather Carl Schlettwein. Until 1963, Otjitambi was a cattle ranch. A severe drought forced my parents to look for an additional source of income. The guest and hunting side, in those days a nearly unknown industry was born. guest room at Otjitambi
accommodation on the farm
Today accommodation consists of 5 double rooms and 2 single rooms, all with bath/ shower and toilets. A spacious swimming pool and a Jacuzzi type bath filled with water from the hot spring will ensure relaxation from the days' adventures. A daily laundry service is available.

Campers can make use of the camping site, near the banks of the Huab River.

The diverse landscape with its granite koppies, the mopane savannahs and the Huab River make hunting as well as hiking an ever lasting experience. Due to the availability of open waters, Otjitambi offers superb birding.

Otjitambi boosts with its own runway:
06 - 24; 1000 m; co-ordinates: S19°49'20"; E15°10'32"

Enjoy the daily game drives and relax from the rat race at home. A few days of Otjitambi will highlighten your stay in Namibia.

Jürgen Schlettwein
Swimmingpool at Otjitambi
pool with water from our hot spring
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